How The British Education System Fails Many Children: My Story

Before anyone reads the title and instantly state that the education system improved them and they achieved academic success, I am not saying it fails everyone.

As a teenager I always loved learning and had an independent mind. I questioned everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

For example, I would ask maths teachers “why do we have to learn about trigonometry and algebra?”, I couldn’t understand how this would help me as an adult or in a future career. What was the answer I was always met with by so many teachers…

well something along the lines of “Just listen”, “Stop questioning” or “Are you even paying attention?”. I never got the answer to my question.

I had to learn by myself that in order to succeed academically in the UK you had to just accept the information given to you and realise it doesn’t always carry on into your adult life. 

So much of the information given in the textbooks, by teacher, and anything following the set curriculum does not fully prepare children for their future. We are given set careers we should aim for, and unless we meet someone in our personal lives in a career we don’t learn about, how are we meant to know what really makes us… well, us. In school I dreamed of being an artist. I struggled with English because of mild dyslexia. I struggled with science because it confused me and any question I had was meant with the reply “Go research yourself”, with no adult input and help to answer my queries I lost interest. Looking back as an adult I would have loved to become a vet, a doctor, or even an optometrist. 

Since leaving school, having only achieved two A-levels and not getting accepted into Art school, I didn’t see my worth academically. I didn’t believe I was smart, I just thought I wasn’t going to achieve a degree nor was I ever going to get a good job. So I went into the workforce, I joined an opticians and found my passion. 

I wanted to help people. I wanted to have a chance to talk to so many people from all walks of life. I wanted improve the lived of those around me. But now I had another barrier. I didn’t have the academic background to allow me to go study a science degree or the finances to travel the world to visit different communities. Because my inquisitiveness was seen as undesirable and a nuisance by my teachers, I’m still in education. I’ve pushed myself to achieve a Bachelor degree with honours in a subject I never thought I would follow, English. But this is due to my determination, and my passion for learning. So many children lose this, and just believe they will never succeed. 

The education system needs to be adaptable, needs to allow flexibility of thought from a young age. We are born questioning and full of wonder, so why does the education system not allow for this?

Every child deserves the best education suited to them and their way of learning. Time to change the education for the better.

Remember you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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