Poem: Good Girl

The empty bottle is what I must be, No substance, no nonsense, Just appearance will do. My body, my worth, My mind is nothing But a hindrance.

I often speak out way too loud, Told be quiet, Cause I’m just a girl. Girls play with dolls. Don’t play with cars. Don’t try to run. Don’t try to fight. Don’t tell.

I’m often told it was just my fault, My skirt’s too short, I was way too drunk, I shouldn’t smoke pot. I should just behave, Like a good girl.

Good girls don’t cry, Don’t fight back against those hands. Don’t scream. Don’t argue. Don’t lie. Don’t tell.

Don't scream

Just accept what must be.

We merely stand for your gaze. Nothing more, Nothing less, An empty bottle, Dressed up to impress

-Sofia Vigo, 2020

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Cambridge UK

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©2020 by Sofia Vigo.